If you have a question, wish to get in touch or want to place an order, feel free to send us a message below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

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Thanks so much for getting in touch! 

Just as a FYI - we are riding the peak of wedding season from August 19-September 23, helping brides and grooms say 'I Do' to love and sweets. We appreciate your patience, promise to get back to you as soon as possible and look forward to serving you.

Also, please note - we just opened our new Walker's Point location on August 1, fully operating from the downtown area. Please note, we have a designated Elm Grove pick-up location, for all regular, neighborhood customers. Please contact us for more information.

Just a couple of reminders. If you are interested in placing a fairly straightforward order for desserts or cakes, please place your order at least two weeks prior to the pick-up date to ensure a spot. If the order includes a larger quantity, requires more decorating time/fondant work, etc. please allow for at least a three weeks.

Additionally, sometimes we are busy baking and away from e-mail - if you haven't heard back from us via e-mail and need immediate assistance please call the shop (262) 789-0500 or Brianna's cell (262) 424-6616.

Brianna & Pam

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